Bhan Thai experience

What makes the Bhan Thai experience so special  ?



Our South African therapists have been trained in the Thai and African Techniques.

You are unique…

Our therapists are trained to listen, advise, devise your personalised treatment plan and focus on your specific problem or needs, so that you are treated as the individual that you are.

Quality and authenticity of service and products…

All customers are made to feel ‘at home’ in unfamiliar surroundings by our charming, courteous therapists who treat each client with warmth and respect.

Our oils and herbs too are of the highest quality with genuine therapeutic and healing properties.

Our flexibility

In our constant endeavor to be aware of your specific circumstances and needs, our Spa is open 7 days a week from 9am to 8pm. Competitive pricing… Our pricing is reasonable, affordable and further reduced by a wide range of packages and constant special offers, of which you, as one of our regular and valued customers will be advised.

Our mobility and wide range of services …

Bhan Thai offer a threefold experience.

Our SPA experience, our MOBILE experience and our CORPORATE experience.

Call us for more information of the services offered.